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23 May 1942

BONTOC. With Second Lieutenant KITAO, visited a captured AMERICAN chaplain, NOBLE. Was surprised that AMERICAN missions were so thorough as to have fine churches over here, in the middle of the mountains. He is a man, just past 30, who came to this inconvenient place with his family. Besides a child about one year old, there are two others. He asked when the church would be opened.

Called on First Lieutenant HITOMI (#2) of the Propaganda Squad. Here, there were Colonel GALBRAITH, the flag-of-truce bearer for General WAINWRIGHT and Colonel HORAN, North LUZON Commander-in-Chief and the Adjutant Major HEINRICH. They had gathered 16 village chiefs of this region together at the Propaganda section and were holding a meeting. As all the village chiefs assembled naked, except for loin cloths, they were shivering. The Unit commander requested that they do no head-hunting, and that they hand over their arms and ammunition on to the JAPANESE Army. A week previous, a certain village chief had been killed by some men from another village. A group of 118 of the village people came with a man to explain, and a written request for permission to take revenge. Head-hunting is starting up everywhere. For us it is unthinkable.