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26 May 1942

BONTOC — MOUNTAIN Province. Am annoyed at the local rice and tasteless MISO soup here. I think HORAN eats well. The WATANABE Regimental Commander called, and so I went to the Force Commander’s office. There was a regimental flag there. He asked various things about colonel HORAN. At the beginning of the war, MOUNTAIN Province received approval from President QUEZON to issue ₱700,000 of MOUNTAIN Province currency. As they paid officials and employees for the past three months (with this), the people say they are in trouble if they cannot use the MOUNTAIN Province currency.

Saw First Lieutenant MINAMI Adjutant of First Battalion NATSU 9852 Force who came to ask the Colonel about the attack on the JAPANESE army by HORAN’s subordinates on 27 February at TAGUDIN on the west coast, when they killed some officers and men and escaped with some important documents. HORAN said that the JAPANESE disposition map of BATAAN peninsula and the map for the attack on PUGET SOUND Naval Base were
sent by airplane from JONES to BATAAN peninsula and then sent from AUSTRALIA to AMERICA. I paid ¥.45 for Colonel HORAN’s haircut. Had a shower and took a siesta for about two hours. HORAN, throughout the day, read and kept to his room.