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May 27, 1942

Father Patricio arrived from Tarlac, where he went to bring clothes, medicine and food for the imprisoned Catholic priests, among them, Fr. Curran of the Dominican Order. They were able to put one over the guards, as the prisoners were allowed to leave the prison camp to pick guava leaves which had medicinal value. That way, Fr. Patricio was able to communicate with Fr. Curran, Field Captain, and other war prisoners as well. They handed them what they brought along, and at the same time, gathered information and messages from the prisoners to their respective families, some of whom did not know their whereabouts.

The prisoners are distressingly in want of more nourishing food. All they are given is rice with salt and sometimes mongo. They also need medicine for malaria and dysentery which they had contracted in Bataan. Some two hundred to four hundred of them die daily, and this is already a diminished rate. In general, the prisoners are treated with some considerations, although they are crowded and kept strictly incomunicado.