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June 4, 1942

It has been 7 days since the Army surrendered to the Japanese and Coné was one of them.

Oper, the porter who carried Coné’s baggage was an eye witness to the surrender. There were about 80 Filipino and American offers that surrendered at that point. The Japanese met them with their trucks and one of the officers greeted Coné in English and handed him a cigarette. (He was a former patient of Coné’s). We have heard that many Filipino soldiers did not surrender – as they were not asked to surrender – only the officers did and all of the Americans. We hear that the prisoners are being kept in Iloilo.

Yesterday was the first news we have heard of Coné’s whereabouts. A man passing by Pototan saw the officers doing their exercises and he recognized Coné. We have heard they are well treated, but do not know just when they will be released. You can imagine how I worried, but now since I have heard some news I feel somewhat relieved.

Melecia and Rose (Coné’s sisters) do not know yet that Coné surrendered. They have been very worried about him.