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August 15, 1942

General Homma has left for Japan. His departure was rumored a week ago, and it was one of those rumors which turned out to be true. It was not published by the local press until he had landed safely in his own country. It was Radio Tokyo that broadcasted the news.

Those who have known him describe him as afable, frank and intelligent, but a Japanese through and through. He was replaced by General Tanaka, about whom we know nothing aside from the fact that he has a moustache which protrudes like two brushes.

There was also an announcement that General Hayashi was replaced by General Watti as Chief of the Military Administration. The Honorable Murata, Chief Adviser of the military administration, also flew to Japan, but we could not tell whether he was replaced by another.

Would all these changes mean a new political atmosphere? We have to find that out, not from the press, but from subsequent events.