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August 27 Thursday 1942

Most of our organized work this morning was on the club house. The porch is completed now. An enlisted detail put the roof on this afternoon after the framework was put up by our group. It has an odd shape but nevertheless it is a porch and a large one at that. Byrd came around this afternoon and stated that Chastaine
wants the officers to cut grass hereafter in the morning according to the schedule we previously followed. I know this is not going to set well with the officers. I don’t understand why Chastaine doesn’t leave things alone. We are managing to keep busy and our morale is good. So why look for trouble. I walked home with Lewis and explained to him the order. He stated that as soon as the old men leave this camp there will be no more grass cutting by officers. Spent the evening visiting with Lewis, Woodbridge and Tarkington, As to be expected the conversation covered SPY most thoroughly. They did not know that Robinson had told Humber that he had been selling guts at the Cagayan front. This is a sore point with these officers for Robinson received a silver star for visiting the front and none of these officers remember seeing Robinson in the vicinity at any critical time.