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September 2, 1942

The BC Academy Classes Opening ceremonies yesterday was brief but informative with a bit of surprise.  There is a list of Sec. A & Sec. B dividing our class to two sections. Sec A are mostly the older group of PCA grads ages 30 and above that included Col. Lizardo ’15 the oldest, age 52.  Sec. B mostly PMA grads ages 30 and below.  In the first formation we had, the BCA Kempeitai Tactical O formed us to two sections and to my surprise, that Tac. O is Lt. Fukushima our captor at Hagonoy Coast during our attempt to escape after the fall of Bataan responsible for our being Malolos POWs.  Then he called my name to step forward announcing I will be Sec. A Marcher. Minutes later, after I told him Gomez is also around, he called my ExO, Lt. M. Gomez ’41 announcing he would be Sec. B Marcher.  I wonder what my classmates were thinking about our being singled out but apparently, the rapport, friendship and mutual respect we had with Lt. Fukushima counted with him.  I told Gomez not to make any comments whatsoever re: our promotion to Marchers as I will take care of it.

Among the VIPs in the ceremony are Gen. Jose delos Reyes ’05 BC Dir. with his staff Col. J. Guido ’20, Int O. & Maj. P. Jaminola, Adm. O.  Col. A. Natividad ’16 BCA Comdt. and Kempeitai Supervisors Maj. Suguiyama & Lt. Fukushima.  The keynote speaker stressed the importance of peace and order to the prosperity and traquility of our people to return to normal lives.’  It is expected that after our class graduates, all provinces will have their respective constabulary commands as majority of the current students are former PC officers.

The subjects scheduled are mostly concerning police officers duties unlike the varied subjects we took at PMA.  Subjects like criminal law, procedure and investigation; Relations with Prov. & Mun. officials; Mess Management; Company Management; Accountability; Recurring Reports; Patrols; will be easy review courses for PMA grads.  I do not know how the old fogies will fare.