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September 11, 1942

This morning 3 Japanese planes bombed Dinglé, a town about 20 km from here. They also bombed other places where they thought the USAFFE soldiers were concentrated. From our farm we could see the planes dive and drop their bombs. This morning Japanese planes also dropped leaflets everywhere telling parents not to allow their sons to join the USAFFE as they were nothing but bandits, and the Japanese would retaliate by burning the villages and shooting the people in the barrios where the skirmishes occurred.

Many of our American friends are in the concentration camp. The Japanese caught Mrs. Hodges and her sister. We do not know where Mr. Hodges is. Mrs. Hodges told the Japanese that he is dead. Some say it is true, others say it is not. Mrs. Hodges had 10,000 pesos in emergency money on her person and when the Japanese found it, they tore the bills up. They only recognize the old, prewar currency. Dr. Cullen and Walter Saul are being held in the Bilibid Prison and are being treated as spies. Poor Dr. Cullen has been very ill and it was reported twice that he had died, but so far he is still alive. Poor Dr. Porras and also imprisoned, but the Japanese have released him.

John, our cook, is calling us for supper. We eat while it is still daylight to conserve on fuel. So—adios for today—and as I write this, I am wondering what tomorrow will bring us.