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Sept. 26, 1942

Another month has passed. Total of 1771 American Soldiers have passed away now at this camp. We have nothing but rice and soup three times a day. Each Med. Dept. Soldier and Officer receive one can of evaporated milk every six days. We have had bread or gravy once in awhile from time to time, but flour is exhausted so there shall be no more. Those who have money are allowed to purchase canned fish if available, but there is very little money left in camp now. Many are suffering from scurvy, malnutrition, edema, malaria and dysentery. Very little medicine has been given to us although we are very grateful for what we have received. Had a couple of fried eggs the other morning that I relished and enjoyed more than anything I have ever eaten in my life. Of course, it was just a taste. So many men are just skin and bones with no clothes just a G-string made out of any old piece of cloth they can find. I am quite fortunate in that I still have three uniforms that I have managed to keep and carry with me. My health still remains very good with the exception of a little diarrhea now and then. In spite of these unthinkable conditions.the morale remains very high and faith in Our God and Country coming to deliver us in the near future is unshaken. The Personnel of the hospital still carries on doing a great work to help the sick and dieing in spite of great obstacles and handicaps. They should never be forgotten and highly commended for their never tireing efforts under such conditions and circumstances.