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September 27, 1942

One sort of loses track of time and Sunday is just like any other day. There are no services in any of the churches; in fact, there are no people in any of the towns anymore as the towns are subject to bombing at any time.

Three days ago Ramon Lopez (a close friend) with five of his friends passed by our place. They were able to escape from Jaro by way of the sea. They were covered with mud as they had to crawl for several kilometers. He told us that the Jaro bridge is being guarded by 40 Japanese soldiers with 20 machine guns. Also the banks of the river in Jaro are being watched, and if anyone attempts to escape Jaro they are shot on sight.

Two days ago there was a skirmish outside of Pototan. The USAFFE soldiers are closing in on the Japanese.

For the last five days, hundreds of civilians have been making trenches and traps for tanks alongside the road just outside of Barotac and near the bridge. Last night I was awakened by the sound of explosions not far from us. I later was told by a passing soldier that the USAFFE is dynamiting the road leading to the bridge to prevent the Japanese tanks from getting through. We are always on the alert from morning till night for fear of planes.