Yesterday morning, upon learning the ship that will take us, the newly commissioned BC officers to their assignments in Visayas and Mindanao will leave Manila in four days, I decided to enter San Lazaro Hospital.  My cousin, Dr. A. D. Lipana UST ’27 has a classmate who is an official at the hospital and was able to make arrangements that I be admitted as emergency patient ostensibly suffering from severe malaria.  This way, I thought I will miss the ship and my Lanao assignment.

At 0800 this morning, an ambulance from the hospital took me from my Tennessee residence in Malate and effective today, I am a patient at San Lazaro Hospital “suffering from severe malaria duly recorded with high fever”.

I sent a letter to BC HQ, copy furnished my friend Lt. Fukushima, about my hospitalization. I also requested my cousin to make sure the documentation of my hospitalization and illness are complete for any future investigation.