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October 15, 1942

On Saturday, Oct. 10, we evacuated to the mountains. Our nipa hut is situated on a hill and we can see for miles around us. From where I am writing I can see the sea and the island of Negros, where there are numerous fires visible. The USAFFE is burning all the towns and places where the Japanese have lived.

I have been resting ever since we have arrived here and I am feeling much better knowing that we will not be bombed or machine gunned.

Estrella is adding on a kitchen and toilet as there are no such facilities in this place. Rose is with me and she contributes towards the expenses. I appreciate it very much as it makes it easier for me.

Three days ago we saw a Japanese warship in the distance and that same ship shelled Barotac Viejo, a town approximately 11 km from where we are staying. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Two nights ago there was heavy fighting outside of Pototan. We could hear the trench mortars very clearly.

The civilians must be suffering terribly and many will be killed, if not by stray bullets, they will be shot as collaborators. Our family dentist, Dr. Hinahon, has been put on the USAFFE black list. I firmly believe that many on the list are innocent of such charges and they are being friendly to the Japanese for their survival.

We have heard that the water supply in Iloilo and Pototan have been cut off and the shortage of food is now acute.