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December 3, 1942

Through the BC Check Point in Bayombong, I learned that Mr. Go Beng’s truck enroute to Isabela will sleep in Bayombong evening Dec. 7 on return trip to Manila. I made arrangements to board that truck Dec. 8 for Manila to get my family which I have alerted a week ago that our house to be rented will be ready and available on Dec. 16.

On the subject of check points, the Constabulary (BC) of Vizcaya maintains three check points namely (1) Balete Pass in Santa Fe that controls the entrance to the province; (2) Bayombong where BC HQ is and (3) Bagabag the northernmost town. The main purpose of a check points is to check all civilian vehicles for unauthorized firearms, subversive elements and other items listed from time to time that may be inimical to peace and order.