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May 24, 1943 (Monday)

Rōyama moved into the Elena Apartments, Room 33. I helped him move. So we are now in the same apartment building.

In the afternoon, had conference with Rōyama. Rōyama says that according to Maj. Gen. Wachi, Manuel Roxas is said to favor presidential dictatorship as most appropriate for the Philippines, that the American system of separation of powers is not workable here. On the other hand, the British system of parliamentary cabinet government is too idealistic a form for the Philippines. Thus, in Roxas’ opinion, according to Wachi, presidential dictatorship is most desirable for the Philippines.
Wachi seems personally to favor Roxas for the position of such a presidency.

We agreed that it was contrary to our academic conscience to draw up a constitutional structure with specific personal dictatorship in mind, but we can formulate a structure which can take care of such an emergency situation.

Another point in the draft memorandum regarding constitutional structure that seems to be encountering difficulty relates to international arrangements, that is, the proposal to handle various matters through agencies of Japanese-Philippine cooperation. Objections to such a proposal are based on the argument that such mechanisms are operationally too complicated, and also on the difficulty of locating responsibility for the operation of international committees. What minister of state should assume responsibility for the actions of Philippine-Japanese joint committees?