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June 16, 1943

Ben Williams is very low with Pneumonia. Went to hospital and had to see all the medics to get him take care of a man unless someone keeps after them. Saw Mr. Norgan. He has been suffering from malaria & a huge carbuncle on his hip. Incidentally I had a high fever the other day & was very sick. The first I have had since I have been in the Philippines. Mr. Morgan had a Sgt. cite a story to me that he had witnessed while on Bataan on Jap detail. One member of detail., ______ , threw a little rice away was seen by a Jap. Beaten severely, given sun treatment and then taken to ap. Capt. Who handled him a sever. saber. Boy refused to kill himself saying that the Americans had no shame. They then cut his fingers and made him sign a paper containing Jap writing with his own blood. Contents of paper unknown.