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June 26, 1943

European situation [is] tightening. Exchanging blow for blow in the Pacific. Chinese captured Attu and having some successes. Islands around Italy surrendered. On troops, moving through Spain; Major ammo ‘beaten severely by Nips on [the] farm. Nip hit him with [a] huge club. Returned on Nip and Nip ran. Brought back 4 more & they almost beat the Major to death. Had to be carried out on a stretcher. He was stiff as a board. Have been on [the] farm for [the] last 3 days. Nips work from sun up, till after sundown. Have soldiers with clubs over you all day. Not a very pleasant life. General in charge of all prisoners [had] inspected yesterday. Food is getting worse. Diet is still not sufficient by far. Boys come in from Manila today & stated that Nips are still selling American Red Cross goods sent here for American prisoners of war & which we received very little.