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July 23, 1943

Detail finally left. They were really treated nice before they left. First time this has ever happened. They gave them all [the] new blues and a pair of shoes. Towel, socks, underdrawers, soap, and a shirt. They left at midnight, were served rice and gravy before leaving and then given an ear of corn, a potato and a couple of fruits to take along, also they all got a first aid packet. They rode on trucks to Cabanatuan and rode the train to Manila. Where they went from there, we will not know for quite some time. Many of the boys in my battery were among them. Nunn, Johnston, Daugherty, Kindell, Bone, and Joe Lucero. I spent the evening visiting them before they left. 22 men out of my barracks also went. T/Sgt Bennett, S/Sgt Justice, S/Sgt Brady, S/Sgt Walker were of that I hated to lose.

It has rained for 6 days and nights with no let up. There has been no work on the farm. Everytime we hear the thunder it reminds us of artillery fire which we were so familiar with on Bataan. We certainly wish it were yankee artillery fire. Oh well, the day will come sometime when we can go home, if we live that long.