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August, 1943*

(*Undated but in portion near the end of 1943)

I wonder what this war will do, translated into the world scheme. Will we ever go back to our easy way of
life in the tropics, will the Filipinos ever let us? Will this struggle with Japan, which we are bound to win,
do for us what we think—and hope—it will? What do we really think it is going to accomplish? My conception is that it must definitely place the white race, and by that I undoubtedly mean the Anglo-Saxons—being one
myself—in the saddle so firmly that we will have no question of world wars in the future. There must be some
plan, some modus operandi, whereby nations can live side by side without cutting each other’s throats periodically, if everyone only tried just a little. But even if the Anglo-Saxons do secure themselves in the world saddle so firmly that there can be no question of their right to be there, will they do a good job of it? Who knows.