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Aug 13, 1943

Friday the 13th–- Have had sinus trouble terribly for the past week. Sent us a lot of men over from the hospital, bed bugs are more terrific than ever. Col. Beecher was very dissatisfied with inspection last Wednesday. Nips gave camp a thorough inspection yesterday. We are making gains on all fronts according to rumors. Italy is about to fall. Berlin being evacuated. Chinese close to Hongkong. We have taken New Georgia and Munda Airfield, were sure left in a hell of a spot here. Joe got beat up for no reason at all with a hole hand he sinears he’ll get 100 nips for it. He means it, too. We figure that after this is over because of guys like us the Nips will be the most unwanted race in the world. Having Yasumai today. Will either study Spanish or play bridge with Major Doris, Lt.    and Sgt. Gannow. Sinus is better this morning.