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September 1, 1943

Japanese have made me one out of a few scraps of lumber and a shelter half. It helped keep the bed bugs off and [I] was more sleep able, certainly hated to part with it. But there was no alternative. A prisoner in this place is just doomed to suffer the thing out. It will all be over someday one way or the other. It looks like we are going to see worse times. Food is getting short again. The Japs have moved thousands of troops into Luzon and are setting up defenses. They have artillery air corps units at Clark Field with a compliment of 300 planes. Also air units at Nichols Field, Artillery and Infantry units have been maneuvering in the area of Nueva Ecija, from the mainland, over to Baler Bay. From all appearances, the Americans will be moving in here soon and the Japs are getting prepared. This will, in all probability, be the largest battlefield of the entire Pacific Area. Mindanao will probably be the first island hit. The Russians are closing in on Kiev and Minsk. Should be fighting in Poland soon. Malcolm Bull came in from Fort Stotsenburg. He has been in Corregidor since the surrender about a month ago.