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September 19, 1943

Two details of 800 left already. Looks like a couple more coming up. The last one supposedly went to New Bilibid to prepare for the rest of us. Still in the rum stage. The first detail is supposed to have gone to Japan. Poor “Ole” Mel Morgan is in the hospital dysentery area, now the old boy never gets any good breaks. I must get over and try to talk across the fence to him. Has rained heavily the last few days and has been terribly uncomfortable. Typhoon weather now. Feel like I will be a free man before long. Maybe by Christmas, Tokyo has resigned. German has supposedly surrendered or is on the verge of it. We have complete control of Italy and have established new bases in the Pacific. “Come on you Yanks”. Sure will be wonderful to get back to May, how she is getting along and what she thinks about me. Damn, I sure want to get home. This prison camp life is no holiday. The farm is getting rougher all the time. “Woe is us”, but we can take it, after all this would take more than the Japanese Empire to kill us.