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Oct. 14, 1943

I went to work detail in Kitchen; I work in the “Gas House”, running the gas heater through which the hot water for the kitchen circulates; work from 8 AM to 10:40; an easy job and I get a C E meal ticket which allows me to line up for chow in the Kitchen messline, this is hsort and I don’t have to stand in line very long; we get the same food; also have a little gas plate insoud our shed and can cook some extra food if get any; I often cook coffee for people who have no stove, I get some good coffee that way, also boil eggs and vegetables. On duty with me are Crumrins, Patterson, Clare, Ferguson, Parker and Recosini. There are two faucets for hot water out side and are used by all internees who want hot water for cooking or medicine; there are guards at these faucets to see it is properly used, and, wow the rows they have with the women about it; we gas house gang don’t butt in and we just sit in our chairs and enjoy the fun; also we are back of the kitchen and can see most of the Camp activities such as the laundry work, vegetable cleaning, and the general coming and going of folks to and from Shanty Town. We have them all classified. The exchange ship, about which so many rumors have been heard finally arrived and took about one hundred fifty favored ones to Goa. Left Sept. 26, 1943. It is said will bring back Red Cross relief Boxes for all internees. I sent letter to Ada.