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Nov. 1 to Dec. 30th, 1943

The Jap store has been closed and a market started there where people can buy fruit and vegetables.

The camp sales store or Canteen near the kitchen also sells meat, chickens, eggs and bread. Prices are very high and each new lot is higher, Jap money is not worth much.

November 13 we had a typhoon with much rain, for several day, Manila was badly flooded and the Camp also, water came up to the lobby floor, our gas machine was flooded for two days, and we had to wade in water waist deep to chow.

On November 22, 23, 1943 the Japs were prevailed upon to allow family visits because of the flood, on the 22nd had a nice visit with Arthur and Henry and on 22rd Mamma and Nena.

Dec. 10 a large number were transferred to Los Banos Camp. Some of the Camp flussies and other bums were sent, as well as decent folks.

Dec. 14, 1943 was the greatest day so far in Camp** we received our Red Cross Relief boxers after the Japs had taken out the cigarettes, which will be issued later. We were sure some happy crowd, I carried my box up to Room 209 on the 2nd floor of the Ed. Bldg., gross weight of box, 47 lbs. Contained 4 small cartons of supplies, and of the best quality. We are not so hard up for food right now, but this is real American chow. Also there are many supplies of clothing and medicine. But some are beginning to sell their food kits for large sums of Jap money either to send cash out to families who need it or to buy booze tobacco and to gamble or give the girl friends (there are plenty of vamps and suckers in here). My, how good the cheese and butter tastes** Here’s what I received—-

Prunes-4 lbs; soup powder-4 pkgs.; soda crackers, -1 pkg; orange juice-1 can; Cocos, -1 can; corned beef-3 cans; Prim-2 cans; meat loaf-1 can; Milk powder-4 cans; Salmon-3cans; Coffee-7 cans; butter -12 cans; Pork loaf-12 cans; Ham & Eggs-8 cans; vitimin C-2 pkg; Liver pate-4 cans; Cheese, Kraft-4pkg; Boullin powder 32 pkgs; Sugar-1 lb; Emergency rations 4 pkg; soap toilet 8 cks; grape jelly 2, Blackberry jelly 1.