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April 30, 1944

Mac came for coffee with us. His wife took a trip to Manila where people are either leaving to return to the provinces because they are broke, or pouring in there trying to make a cleanup. Only a few trains are running and it took her four days to get back. All the trains are mobbed as in Russia or China. It takes several days to get passage for Tarlac then one is stalled there several days. Conditions are awful, with only two meals a day for almost everyone outside, They cannot buy more, so they get used to going without breakfast. People make a living any way they can, clean or otherwise, buying, selling old clothes, A worn coat brought P70. Present money is valueless and those who have it, blow it. People go to old American movies and try to forget their troubles.

We went to pay a birthday call on Peg, then visited in all the new cubicles, looking at creative and constructive ways of swinging beds, economizing on space, storing possessions, tucking away the baby, etc. It was good to see it, inspiring to watch husbands and wives working it out together. We then went down to Baby House where 16 people have done wonders and are settling down happily. Morale is high for some. very curdled for others. Thank God the moves are made this far—for they can’t be undone.