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May 27, 1944

Received two more letters last Saturday. One from LeRoy of Feb. 1943 and one from Dad on May 1943. Every one seems very well of which I am pleased. Both spoke of Mary and how [w]ell she looks thats wonderful. LeRoy seems to be doing well in his new job with the Customs Service. Glad he is doing so well. Dad has received another promotion and is now located in L.A. Calif. Hope he likes it there. I certainly am proud of my dad. He is quite a big shot with the C. S. now. I supposed by the time he retires he will be right at the top.

Doctor told me this morning that I have the scalibes [scabies] along another minor skin irritation. It drives me crazy, when I perspire and you can’t stop the perspiration in the tropics especially when you are cutting wood all day every day.

My hand writing has taken a stip backward. I must try to improve it if we don t get out of here soon. I’ll be so “damnd ‘dobie” that it won’t make any difference any way What a hell fo of life and the few letters we get we hear how well every one is what good jobs they have, lots of money and plenty of good times. About 13 of the prisoners have been returned they were not well, cared for and were under fed, terribly. No facilities for washing and bathing and some were beaten quite severely. Glad to see Pat Burns back although he does looks quite bad. Both Shirk Brothurm are OK now. Lots of rumors floating around about all that we are to received when we get home. sounds like a lot of “Malarky” to me. Supposed to be receiving double pay. Some states have granted us 50 acres per man. We are to get a new car, 250 gals of gas, Free transportation from Bus & train Co’s credit with Philko and G.E. , Free Beer Cards, complete outfit by Hart Sharfener and Marx and some others of which I don’t believe either. I’ll be satisfied to get out of here alive and healthy which looks very improbable the way we are going down. Looks like we will soon be reverted back to our early days as prisoners. Why these Bastards wont feed us is beyond me. The feeling is just too terrible to be able to express so theres no use hoping on it anymore. My time will come if Uncle Sam ever gets off his “treat”. Sure don’t look to us like he has done much toward wining this war. After seeing the way then people live and what they have in the way of equipment it is certainly a stop [slap] in the face to our country ceacuse [because] this was’nt finsihed [finished] off long ago. A 4th ration if these were.