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May 31, 1944

A letter from the Internment Camp Committee to the Bunshiyocho on May 31: “Dear Sir, on February 14, 1944, we wrote you a letter calling attention to the inadequacy of our daily food allowance. A copy is attached. At that time our medical authorities stated that the health of our camp would deteriorate if that system of food rationing were followed. Today in consultation with Dr. Shaffer, the head of the Health Department, he emphasized that whereas in February 15% of the camp population was suffering from food deficiency, at the present time over 50% of the camp is suffering from undernourishment or malnutrition, resulting in marked increase in medical treatment for anemia and stomach disorders. You will readily see that the health of the camp is the most serious problem which confronts us. We wish to point out the following: the Red Cross supplies  have helped to maintain the health of the camp to the present time. However, these are practically exhausted. [We need] 1. More fresh vegetables. 2. A definite increase  in the amount of protein foods such as meat, eggs, beans, peanuts . . . ”

Kaito of Taiwan asked today for the masticator. Miss McKim looked very blank, discovered it was the meat grinder he wanted. Someone asked Kaito why such different questions were asked of camp members and he answered, “Oh, to let Mr. Yamato practice his English.”