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June 2, 1944

Arrived in this camp 2 years ago today from Camp O’Donnell Prison have been through a lot in these 2 years. Lots had happened, but very little that I am aware of. Went swiming [swimming] today while looking gravel for road in the woods. Was wonderful and theriver is quite deep. Came across a mangoes tree and we were each allowed two apiece. Will take a week or more to ripen, but I’ll wait. Anything for chow. Have been bringing “pig weed” in when I can find it and we eat it with relish. Anything to get something in your gut. The worst thing that happened to me this week was a Nip taking away an Iguana which I caught in my trap in the woods. I sent him in on the afternoon truck by Mr. Ford and it was taken at the gate. Would have made wonderful meal for the the six of us. It only makes me want to get att these guys that much more, will just add a few more to my list. Our time will come. In a letter Mr. Lirda mouth received from his mother, she stated that she had been in formed that we were receiving one red cross box a week. One a year is what we have received Tooks [looks] like graft to me. The Red Cross holds themselves up as an organization that can deliver under any circumstances. Phooney – – –