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July 29, 1944 (Saturday)

Despedida Party. The Nagasakis gave us (Quiambao, Pena and I) a despedida party at their home tonight. A Japanese Jesuit was there, too. Beautiful Japanese fans and a nice lacquer set were the gifts each of us received. We enjoyed the exquisite dinner and the kind hospitality of this Japanese family whom I shall never forget. Whenever I drop in at their home, I always feel at home, and their family life reminds me of my own home and those of my friends in Manila. My only regret is that I have not met more families of this sort in Tokyo.

Tired and very sleepy arrived at the dormitory at 11:30 p.m.

Last Class Day. Today was the last day in our 3-month course at the Keisatsu Kōshūjo. How we were able to stand these three months of continuous lectures in a language we could hardly understand is still beyond me. Even our instructors in their parting speeches mentioned the “patience” with which we listened to their lectures. We are glad it is all over, and on Monday we shall be receiving our graduation diplomas. We are now looking forward to our trip which will be the last phase of our stay in Japan.