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August 7, 1944

The rumored changes did take place, but the bks. Dr. marked both of us “qtrs.” and so, for another month anyway, we will remain where we are. The food situation has now reached a definitely critical stage — we were cut 100 gms of rice which was to be made up by 100 gms of corn, but so far we have not been issued even a good fraction of the corn. Food scarcity is actually so acute that many men have eaten corn cobs and it has nearly been their end. We certainly hope that this time it means that the pinch has actually hit the Island and that it will not be long now — it won’t be one way or another we far (fear?). A story about Mariana Theresa was short and interesting — I hope to get the sequel about the intrigues with Spanish Philip while I am here with so little to do to occupy my time. Another one was of Bismarck and the accomplishments of unified German States — he accomplished wonders but eventually weaknesses came to the front when his ace general died. The world war ruined what was left. Cannot get even the sprinkling of a rumor these days to liven conversation — I cannot read much, this writing is about the limit my eyes will take. Letters indicate our classmates high on Majors list — how I envy them! Irritableness and complete lack of patience and compassion grows again — they seem to be the chief comrades of the empty stomach. Concentration takes much effort. One of the Marine NCO’s sorting mail tells me I have a letter across the street but when I will get it is problematical — we still draw mail by day and it runs about 150 per. Saw FJB the other day and he says copies of my commendation went out and if I do not get satisfaction to let him know right away. Makes me feel better anyhow. Other friends in from Mindanoa — some still there on airfields. Hope things improve before next writing — I pray daily that they will.