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August 28, 1944

Last night there was shooting in Molo (a suburb of Iloilo) and also in Tanza, near the beach, where the clubhouse “Treasure Island” is located. The “Indians” came in strong and attacked both places. The P.C. (Philippine Constabulary soldiers under the Japanese, all of whom are Filipinos) are quartered in the clubhouse (“Treasure Island”). The “Indians” requested them to surrender, but the P.C. decided to resist them and began firing (perhaps in fear of their lives – the “Indians” might consider them as collaborators). The “Indians” held Molo before the Japanese came and dispersed them. There were no casualties, but several civilians were wounded. Several buildings were set on fire and we could see the blaze very clearly. It is rumored that the “Indians” have attacked several towns outside of the city. We are becoming so used to the shooting that we do not go downstairs unless it is close. Once we did not hear the shooting as Dolly was playing the piano and we were downstairs playing bridge with Dorothy and Meñing. The game was interrupted for a few minutes, and then we saw there was no danger, and on we went with our bridge game.

At 4:00 a.m. we were awakened by an explosion nearby. We heard later that one of the “Indians” threw a hand grenade at the municipal building where the P.C. were housed. No one was hurt.