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September 2, 1944

Another detail left for Japan today — no one was scratched from the list, not even the sick and I think that means that this cam is being closed out. There still has been no big officer detail but that I feel sure is but a matter of time. Tomorrow I am going to strip down and pack essentials — might as well be prepared for any eventuality. This one came as such a surprise that people had no time to even get ready. With so little in our possession, it seems strange to think of stripping down but during our 2 year stay here we have little by little added to our meager possessions such things as corn shuck sleeping pads, home made pillows, quan cans and pans and much other stuff of that nature. It all adds to our comfort but cannot be taken with us. Of course, I still hope to go (?) but that hope dwindles daily — rumored 200 more officers coming in here but we do not know for sure yet. Some claim that the Jap Major has said that Germany is suing for peace, that Russians are in Germany and Americans on the border — we hope this is so, it easily might be. A lot of corn is coming in now and we are actually eating better than a month ago; I do go for this corn. Leters from home and Uncle Frank but the big question has not been answered. More tomorrow if I have time — been busy lately with this job.