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September 16, 1944

Junkins gave me some lettuce leaves. With so much rest I do not get so empty because I do nothing to dissipate strength, My poor family is ravenous, working hard, never filled up, really half starved most of the time. I save camote skins filled with rice and the children love it. They say it fills them up.

This is 82% of the cross section of 46 persons recently examined by the camp doctors as a check on group health. Of the 18 women, 19 men and 9 children, 8 had dental caries, 7 were diagnosed as malnutrition, 7 had chronic enterocolitis, 6 had errors of optic refraction, 5 were suffering from nutritional malaise, 4 had avitaminic stomatitis (caused by lack of vitamins), 4 had hypersensitive heart disease, 3 nutritional myalgia, 3 nervous imitability, 3 post-dysentery colitis, 3 allergic rhinitis.

Oura said there must be no more about health in the News, for it would make us “cowardly.” In truth, it might.