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September 22, 1944

We got off to an early start—no gas, no electricity, no telephone; but we have charcoal. The air siren sounded this morning before we got coffee but the cook finished it during the raid, scared as he was.

To see those planes approaching, more than forty of them that I could see, was a magnificent sight. The planes of the Japanese had taken off very early in the morning, probably to attack the carrier, as our planes are obviously carrier-borne.

We found bullets in the garden chair-cushions today. I am glad I wasn’t on the cushions when it happened. That’s one good reason for circulating about—might get hit if I stayed in one spot. The bombers seem to be very accurate. My house is awfully close to the airfields, but so far no accidents have happened in the residential part of Pasay. The raid was heavy and lasted several hours. Hope they come again tomorrow! Also hope they stick to daylight operations, I’d hate to miss anything.