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September 25, 1944

All is not gold that glitters (or the sun has a ring around it) for Japanese have taken surgical equipment from us, almost all of our bandages (we are out at present) and have cut our rice ration again by 1/3 but supposedly substituted corn and cassava. We made out OK the first day on reduced ration. No planes since the 22nd but our imaginative ears have heard planes and bombs almost continually. I am afraid that the Task Force has left for a while anyway but am hoping that they will be back very soon. We can take most anything with Yank planes overhead daily. Just think — I was within 500 yds. of a free American who had bacon and eggs for breakfast! Those Yanks are a different animal than we are — I wonder how long it will take us to catch up or rehabilitate ourselves. I find time passing very slowly now — very impatient: I hardly think action of a few days ago a random raid. That could have been done for some time past but wasn’t. I wonder what the campaign of Philippines is? Come on back!

A bolshevik in bks. — nothing can be done about it here or after for he is a P.D. Looking up every day now. Did a little cigarette and corn bread business. Am owed 5 centuries on a deal — getting oil.