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September 28, 1944

No sign of those Yank planes again — how we wait for them — waiting is now harder than it ever has been before. It is the old old story of hopes raised and then dashed again. I had thought that once started on Luzon there would be no cessation of attack until all was cleaned up, but such doesn’t seem to be the case although they might appear again at any moment. According to one report, the guards are supposed to have said “Yanks have taken Mindanoa” — if true there would be one good reason for the raid of last week. Sooner or later they will have to come to Luzon. Three 25 word messages from home — they are certainly useless forms of communication. I have said before that men here would never recover — I meant that for those who could not help themselves. There are many more who have refused to uphold any standard of either discipline or fair play and they too, I think, will be lost. They can blame only themselves. “The wood detail has been discontinued.” Tomorrow details are way down — we wonder. We shall have to quit smoking before long — we are however better supplied with food for our lack of tobacco. Am now on B¹ shot #23 and have 7 more to go and maybe more. Not much improvement to date. Send them back — we are watching for them!