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October 12, 1944

Haven’t written for more than a week because I’ve been sick. Got attacked by malaria again. Thought I had ice in my blood. Shivered like the dickens. Went to Lolo Pepe’s house yesterday. When I entered the door, I knew something wrong was happening. There was nobody around. I went to the old man’s room. Everybody was crying. He was agonizing. Cancer. He died at exactly 3 p.m. He is resting now. He was a grand fellow. He wanted to live, I think, just to see how this war was going to end. His daughter said his last word was: “I can’t anymore.” May he rest in peace.

Alarm sounded this afternoon. About fifty Jap planes went up, practiced formation flying, simulated dogfights and imitated the way U.S. planes dove over the Bay Area. It was a poor imitation. They’ve got a new type of plane. If the Americans return or rather when they return, we will probably see good dogfights.

A Japanese visited Tio Phil and told him that 700 U.S. ships were sighted north of Luzon including 100 aircraft carriers. I wonder if this is the invasion fleet, cross your fingers.