October 23, 1944 – Monday

Disembarked and went ashore to Tacloban. In front of the Capitol of the province, General MacArthur read the proclamation declaring null and void all laws promulgated by the Japanese and the puppet republic, and replacing those of the Commonwealth. His proclamation was followed by a speech by President Osmeña. At 2 p.m. I returned to the ship on a PT boat to get my luggage and return to Tacloban at 5 p.m. I was going to stay in the house occupied by the Japanese commanding general, which was made available for the President, but due to lack of space I accepted the invitation of Mrs. Losa to live in her home.

One thought on “October 23, 1944 – Monday”

  1. This confirms Gen Valdes presence at the Leyte landing. Quoting my old man, the general then ordered area guerrilla commander Col. Kangleon to from now on take orders from him, to w/c the Col. replied ” you, a general without an army”. The consequence of this was the entire command promotions were with held, compared to Col. Peralta’s nearby Mindoro command.

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