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October 24, 1944

About 7:30 six planes roared over from east to west over the mountain backbone. The last two tore ahead of the middle two, zooming, dipping and soaring. Yamato asked Denki later, after the camp had lined the bank to watch, “What did you think of the planes?” Denki said, “I think they were American and naturally | am glad to see them.” Yamato answered, “I see you believe in telling the truth.” Denki said he thought most Americans did. When Carl came along Yamato asked, “Were you glad to see American planes?” and Carl said yes, he was. He asked for it and he got it.

Later, in the garden, with Jerry pouring some good soup and serving bread to June and me, two planes went over our own hill, high and cavorting in and out like the others. The two hill guards signaled with flags, all the others dropped into foxholes and our men working in the garden were ordered home for the morning. An Igorot girl and a man on the road, and several Filipino children, all ducked out of sight. Only the Americans stand and look while planes soar fast overhead, toward the airport. We heard no booms however.

June has bad cramps and Jerry  says they are going off hominy onto corn flour. He and Scotts will combine this and soft rice together, making six or eight steam breads a week for each family.

Rumor said that Yamato had remarked there was no need to extend the garden further as we would probably be out by the 15th of next month.

It is wonderful to feel so much better. Jerry says it is longer than a year since I have felt well.