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October 30, 1944

Camp gave us French fried camotes and gravy, then Jerry and the kids came down with luscious fried rice, still hot in the pan, sliced Spam on fresh green lettuce on a chromium plate, for my birthday. Afterward we had scrumptious ice cream made by Peg and covered with a spoonful of Emergency chocolate, melted into sauce. She made the ice cream with half a can of butter, rice crust grounds as thickener after a futile attempt to find something else, with maple flavor and of course sugar. It was marvelous. We ate outside on the rustic table and bench. It was a rushing time as June did not come from school till 12:45 and Jerry had to return to the tool shed at one. It was grand being together even if hurried. Bedie has grown tall. I miss June’s morning visits now that school has begun.

We were full of appetizing food and my feet became warm and I slept over an hour.

At teatime Peg came down with her hair done up very chic, in her best blue dress and party air. June with pink cheeks brought the cake and chocolate sauce for it, with some of Lim Sian Tek’s rare China tea (we wonder if he is still alive). Peg loaned us her rice pattern Cups and plates. We put calamansi concentrate in the tea to enhance it, and all gathered around the dilapidated
rustic table. Walter carried the tray, looking thin and very young in Slicked hair. The cake was made of bucaco flour, soft rice, a bit of cassava, sugar, a little fat. It was light and fluffy which most of our cakes in here are not. So good with chocolate sauce—and forks to eat It. It is three years since we have used any forks. It was a feast, eaten slowly from blue china which was another treat. No tin plates, no butter-tin cups or tin spoons. All borrowed finery.