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11 November 1944

Went to H.Q. again today. We are still on the offensive. Raids last night were frequent but distant. We hear the 155’s firing. They are shelling the road on the other side of the hill, along which the Japs are bringing reinforcements.

On the return journey we picked up two Filipino girls, a small boy & an old man. One of the girls sat next to me. She was sweetly pretty—brown & beautifully rounded. Her name was Virginia & she looked about 15. She told me she was 20, married with two children. I said, “really?” She spoke with a fascinating accent. Very few of the people talk like Americans. The girls here really are delicious. I hope this campaign continues to go well, for I believe the lasses in Manila are even more beautiful. “Some lovely racial blends,” said Major Ugante to me on the voyage up here, and then asked me, rather cruelly, if I were married. I said I was but that I remained full of human frailty.