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Nov. 18 1944

At dawn we passed the entrance Island of Sulaan. This Island guards the entrance to Leyte channel. It was taken by Rangers A-3.

Went into G Q. at dawn. At 0630 changed to 1-able. Started to unload troops and equipment 0700 .G.Q• JAp Planes are in the area.

Secured at 0715.Went into 1-able. 0730 G.Q. Jap planes are again around us. One Jap plane was shot down off our starboard beam.

Secured at 0800. G.Q. again at 1100, later 1-able.

1500 ship is completer unloaded. Boats arer being hoisted aboard. Hatches dogged down. We are preparing to leave Leyte.

1900 We are now under-way. Para vanes are rigged out. Just incase the Japs have laid a few mines into it. our destination is Manus Is.