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November 23, 1944 — Thursday

We had thanksgiving dinner. I invited General Willoughby to dine with us. Dinner was considerably delayed due to an air raid warning. Finally we decided to eat. With the help of a small light covered with a black cloth we disposed of the turkey & salad, caramel cake and pumpkin pie. At 9:45 p.m. the all clear signal was sounded. General Willoughby left and I took a hurried bath. At 10:30 p.m. while I was in bed I was startled by three explosions each one nearer. Suddenly we heard the whizzing sound of the bombs falling through space. I tried to dress but realizing the impending danger, I rushed to the staircase to go to the ground floor. My companions and I had scarcely reached the bottom steps when three explosions occurred almost simultaneously. They all fell less then 100 yards from our quarters. One hit a civilian’s house killing one and wounding five. The others fell on the tent occupied by the personnel of the enlisted men’s mess killing the Mess Sergeant and eight cooks. The other landed on an empty lot. After this raid we returned to bed and were rocked out of bed five times by earthquakes. Fortunately they were mild and of short duration.