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November 27, 1944

Last night we could hear the sound of machine guns and trench mortars in the distance.

Once when we had three Japanese visitors, one of the young officers started to play the piano. While he was playing I heard the sound of shooting in the distance. I told him there was “pong pong” (this is the word used for “shooting” by the Japanese). He stopped playing and listened. I was worried that the USAFFE would come in at night and start shooting again, but he said not to worry as a lot of Japanese soldiers had been sent out to meet them. As he spoke, we could hear the sound of gunfire going farther and farther away.

This morning at 11:00 a.m. we were visited by about 50 American planes! There may have been more, but they were not all visible to us. They just bombed the waterfront, but the explosions made our house shake! I noticed four planes flying toward us and they began to dive. The boys and I immediately went to the shelter (I don’t believe in taking chances). Coné and the others stayed outside to see them better. The planes flew so low over us that Meñing could see the pilot! We noticed that whenever they bomb the airfield, they usually begin their dive over our house. This time they did not bomb, but we heard machine gunning three times. The planes flew away as quickly as they came.