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4th day, December 31,1944

Early this morning, we are in front of Pt. Siaton. We just eat bananas for breakfast, I drink coconut water & eat its meat for my morning meal. We have no drinking nor cooking water. We have been trying to land somewhere behind the point but unsuccessfully, the water along the beach has a rough bed of rocks. We are heading for [?] reaching it at four p.m.

We land here to get water, get a much-needed bath and physical evacuation. We cook our supper on shore and have a very hearty meal. Green coconut water and meat have refreshed us.

We are just one third away from our next and final objective in Luzon.

The two other sail boats of our party have not shown up here. They have been left behind.

We are now [?] It is about 6 p.m. I am lying down preparatory to sleep. This is my 3rd New Year’s Eve in hiding.