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5th day, January 1, 1945

1944 has passed away for over an hour when I woke under the open skies on board this sail boat with no wind blowing. Our ship’s sails are just flapping lazily, while two of the crew sing both English & Visayan melodies. We have a very quiet New Year’s.

A few hours before sunrise, the North wind blew. Our sails filled up & we have been sailing smoothly southward. Then we discover that we missed our objective by a long shot. We executed a “to the rear march”—then the wind disappeared. Now we are rowing our boat, expecting that a favorable wind might pop up any minute.

I have just eaten a hearty breakfast of thick rice soup with broiled fresh fish—the first really fresh fish I have tasted for the last three years.

Despite delays in the trip our crowd remains jolly and cheerful.