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January 6th, 1945

Air activity all day. American planes come over in waves and bomb military installations. Everyone is elated about it. They say , “This is really IT this time.” We also hear that we are to get a double scoop of rice on Sunday night. This makes us happy too. The alert didn’t go off all day except for a short time this morning. Dr. Beebe came over to get vaccinated this p.m I asked him how he liked living in the gymnasium building.

“We wont go into that ,” he said. “we old people were put there to be out of sight and out of the way. If we die we heave lived our lives anyway.But, I guess I can take it.” I wished I had some cigarettes to give him. I traded mine for food some time ago.

I didn’t sleep much last night–planes going over all the time. The Japanese planes seemed to be coming through the building they fly so low.