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14th day, Jan. 10, 1945

Had a good sleep last night. We have been walking through the camp this morning. There is order, cleanliness and discipline.

We eat our lunch today in Lt. Rexford’s quarters, where air service communication apparatus is at work.

We are treated to turkey and frosted cake baked by Pvt. Orven, a nice young fellow.

I wonder what the Jap prisoner, an aviator, was saying when he passed by, seeing us having a cheerful time, having plenty of food before us.

If these Japs had the food and the things that these Americans have, I am sure they would refuse to go out and fight like mad dogs as they do now.

Rex is a nice fellow. He is quite intelligent.

We leave Abcede’s HQ at 2 p.m. today.

We got in tonight at 7 o’clock, tired.

Our guess that the unusual air activity during the last few days meant a major operation by Gen. MacArthur came out correct. We have just heard the broadcast that this morning the allied forces made a successful landing in Lingayen. What happy news.

McArthur has commenced his march to Manila. Would he get there on his birthday?