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20th day, Jan. 16, 1945

This is my wife’s birthday. Many happy returns of the day for her. What a loving, devoted, and faithful girl she is! I love her more and more and as the years go by—she has done more for me than I for her! She is even young and fragrant. We had been having our little quarrels—but amidst the worst of them, I always had a tender feeling for her in my bosom. In all of our temporary and brief breaks she practically had reason on her side. I was always at fault. Nevertheless, I always tried to make it appear that she was all wrong.

Without her imagination and encouragement throughout all these past three dark years, I might have weakened. But the stalwart heart that she showed standing by me, I steadfastly held on up to now.

I wonder whether some one else, not her, could have given me the strength that had kept me fighting on to this day.

All honor and glory to that great and brave girl—my wife.

My thoughts and my prayers today are for her, my little boy and our homes.

For three solid years, I had not attended mass. But today, fortunately, Father Frondosa is here and said mass. For my wife, on this day, her birthday, I went to mass this morning. What a beautiful morning, and a glorious day, for her, and our little boy!