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January 20, 1945

Breakfast — sweetened mush (?). They had 80 kilos of sugar and 25 gal. of syrup for the whole camp — about 3,700 people so you can imagine just how sweet it was. Thin kidney bean soup for lunch and for a supper, soy bean, camote stew (thin). I got plenty of the beans but very little camotes. Anyway the soy beans are much better for us. I am satisfied if they don’t give us any rice as long as they can give us soy beans and camotes. Half of the camp has the beriberi so anything but rice is better for us.

Sorry to see it rain this morning. Don’t like to think of our boys fighting in the wet. Quite a few planes around today but I did not see any. Heard lots of, what seemed to be, artillery fire this p.m. Got most of my rags sorted out.