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February 12, 1945

here are so many stories circulating about the events that took place while the USAFFE had entered Jaro and surrounding areas. We heard that the wife of the Swiss Consul and her three children were taken outside by them. The Swiss Consul is in the hospital and is very ill. We are hearing stories of looting and burning. We also heard that civilians (some Spanish) who had taken shelter at the Bishop’s residence were also taken outside by the USAFFE, and the residence burned.

Last night we saw some fires, but fortunately they were far from us.

There are many Japanese in Jaro now, occupying what is left of the large, concrete houses. Don Ramon Lopez says to pray to God the “Americans land soon. It is our only salvation.” There is no more food coming into the city, and what little there is available, is beyond the reach of most people. A kilo of pork is 2,500 Pesos, a squash costs 1,500 Pesos. Mongo beans cost 2,500 Pesos a ganta (5 lbs.).